The world through my Nikon

Student nurse and crazy lady with a camera.
Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy!
Cos it's a mad, mad world out there, especially when I've got my camera.....

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Tumblr Themes Trying to pronounce the generic names of drugs.


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Little by little, things just kind of get better. It doesn’t mean you’re suddenly confident, but there’s a sort of understanding that not every chaos can be controlled, and you’ll be ok, once you’ve come through the storm.

A nurse, somewhere on the other side of chaos. (via dancingnurse-ed)

Growing as a nurse.

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Another semester passed! Almost a fully qualified nurse eek!

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Heartbeats under magnetic resonance imaging.
We seldom consider the force with which our hearts beat through every moment of our lives. Most of us will only ever feel the dampened strength of these muscles at the arteries of the wrist or neck, perhaps through a stethoscope or in moments of excitement, exertion and fear. Take a moment to consider it now, if you will. 
Credit to the VCU Medical Center for these images.
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Tumblr Themes Starting the third shift in a row